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A New Spring Favorite, Rosebud Moss.

by @boosterfragrances



"Anconú writes the following text on their website: Olfactory Emotion - a soft and determined fragrance. That olfactory emotion is spot on! When applying Rosebud Moss you get a nice initial Bergamot note that makes place after several minutes for a firm/determined Plum note. The Plum note is powerful but with some subtle crisp to it. The Sandalwood note that comes through after a while is subtle as well, with some slight creaminess."

"Rosebud Moss is a fantastic scent to wear in springtime and summer evenings. The persistence is amazing 8+ hours of wearing time with 4+ of great scent trail. I have been wearing Rosebud Moss for almost 24 hours, and I can still sense some Plum and Sandalwood on my skin."

"The last thing I want to say is I like the minimalistic packaging of Anconú. No plastic is used in the packaging."

May. 15, 2021