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Perfumes without gender, nor labels.

Anconú is a brand of niche perfumes designed between Spain and Venezuela. Inspired by that emotion that arises when you discover something for the first time.

Anconú who wants to bring you closer to unpublished aromas, has been thought of in every detail. Promotes discreet luxury, originality and perfume in a universal way.

The brand believes in deep values. It´s hedonist, looking for pleasure. Loves contrasts. It's urban, but it cares about nature.

Perfumes without usage guidelines. Aromas that not all of us live in the same way. Your real story is the one that tells your skin.



Four exclusive aromas that invite uniqueness, leaving your skin as a real protagonist.


The concept was born under the idea of discovering, how human beings approach the unknown without even realizing it. The drivers behind it.

By nature, the essence of the brand is full of contrasts, and so is its collection: universal, highlighting the individuality of each one.

Aromas that are created from personal experience. The uniqueness of each skin, the one that stimulates a journey of personal discovery and in which each person is the protagonist of their own experience, of their own smell.

Perfumes made in Grasse, France, cradle of the perfume industry. Created with a clear idea: to combine opposite aromas, captivating for their harmonious character and originality.




Began creating Anconú in mid 2018. Conceives the brand as a manifestation and reflection of a journey of personal discovery, in which she discovers her passion for aromas and describes it as a before and after.

Venezuelan, dreamer, determined, trained in the IED with a master's degree in Fashion Business Management, a field where she has developed professionally in recent years.

María Gabriela turned in Anconú deep values, hedonistic, authenticity and a behavior that does not differentiate between gender and races.

According to the creator, each perfume has no guidelines to be used. What really defines is knowing how you want to feel using Anconú. When we discover aromas, we don't all live them the same way.