ANCONÚ Encounter - Caracas

ANCONÚ Encounter - Caracas

An encounter with people, styles, contrasts, and beliefs. 

Our founder, María Gabriela Gimenez, opened the doors to her home and amazed her guests with a sensory evening. An experience to feel, see, touch and smell.

A discovery of a world of endless possibilities of combinations and fragrance blends. An exploration to find their individual signature scent.

We received gratifying critiques that boost our devotion for the world of ANCONÚ.

“Hearing the story from the founder made me feel inspired and increased my curiosity for these fragrances”.

“I felt comfortable and warm at María Gabriela’s home. The closeness she gave us was extraordinary”.

It was a night to remember… a journey to be enjoyed.

Stay tuned for the next one near you.



Volante Studio is a multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and curators focused on creating custom spaces, taking them to the highest level of detail and creative expression.

They incorporate and draw inspiration from diverse elements such as materials, lighting, color and form to create layers that combine the functionality, vision and the emotion.

For Volante Studio, art and design are intimately connected when it comes to creating perfect environments. This was the case with the launch of ANCONÚ in Caracas, in an intimate and unique space conceptualized by Maria Gabriela together with Ana Volante.