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About Us.

ANCONÚ unisex fragrances are designed for perpetual discovery. Crafted in France, our blends feature high concentrations of natural essences to create signature scent profiles that evolve in character throughout the day and night.

Like words in a sentence or chains of a link, each ANCONÚ eau de parfum is buildable, lending itself to be worn with others in every imaginable combination or sequence.

Our fragrances are invitations to be curious and to embrace the unknown. We are constantly seeking higher levels of excellence in everything we do. We create to affirm and enhance our customers’ uniqueness and individuality.

Unveil the unknown, discover Anconú.

 Our Founder.



Born and raised in Venezuela, I have always been a lover of contrast. Observable in nature and in art, the delicate tension between what is and what is waiting to emerge is what I’ve sought to capture with ANCONÚ.

These four fragrances are suggestions of potential. Olfactory channels to yet- unknown worlds. You’re invited to enter them, to inhabit them, to build upon them, and to evolve with them at your pleasure.

Wishing you a creative journey of discovery...

Explore the full collection and experiment with building to compose your own signature scents.