Vetiver Drizzle, Captivated between Day and Night.

Vetiver Drizzle, Captivated between Day and Night.

The Vetiver Drizzle Pyramid

Vetiver Drizzle suggests a floral start drenched with citruses, and then the obvious Vetiver aroma. But in this case, a Vetiver not too obvious, it surprises you later...not too earthy or green, not too soft or airy. You can feel a touch of mint, a very important note in this perfume to creat an aromatic coldness.

Vetiver Drizzle tells a story, and has an evolution. A perfume that connects and wraps your skin.

All of our niche perfumes are evocative, dreamy, unpretentious and deep.

For us, Vetiver Drizzle is woody and fresh, mineral and windy.

Have you tried it?

Discover Vetiver Drizzle: It's amazing how it highlights all the notes in different ways depending on the season. 

Our founder’s tip: The perfect fragrance to wear day or night.

by María Gabriela Giménez - CEO Founder Anconú