Say NO to plastic YES to Paptic®.


Since day one we’ve been implementing a simple yet powerful practice: saying no to plastic and yes to Paptic®.

Have you heard about Paptic®?

Paptic is a bio-based, recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, next-generation packaging material made of renewable raw materials. They are committed to reducing our environmental footprint, through an active, responsible approach to the design and manufacture of sustainable products.

That’s why Anconú says YES to Paptic®, NO to plastic.

Without compromising the aesthetics of our products we look for alternatives to plastic. Our perfumes come wrapped in a paper made from cellulose, combining design and sustainability. Offering , an eco-friendly alternative to packaging that protects our bottles on their journey to our clients.

Anconú is very proud about communicating brand values through packaging using premium material, combining high performance, design and sustainability.

Happy Sustainable Development Day.





by Mariaga Giménez - Anconú CEO