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Anconú is the brand that turns the lure of the unknown into true beauty and character.

A magnetism that embraces a journey of personal discover through unique perfumes; all made by the perfect blend of aromas, both known and unknown.

A brand that unfolds the beauty of moments to come, where only your imagination dares to discover.

Anconú believes in deep values. It´s hedonist, looking for pleasure. Loves contrasts. It's urban, but it cares about nature.

A Spanish brand with perfumes made in Grasse, France.

Unfold the unknown, discover Anconú.





The Drivers Behind It is the name of Anconú first collection.

The concept was born under the idea of discovering, how human beings approach the unknown without even realizing it.

Aromas that are created from personal experience. The uniqueness of each skin, the one that stimulates a journey of personal discovery and in which each person is the protagonist of their own experience, of their own smell.






“No one escapes the unknown. Because the unknown attracts us, moves us, drives us "

For the creator a perfume is a pure connection of times and distances, with forms, people, concrete and abstract experiences.

María Gabriela describes Anconú as a voyage of discovery. An inexplicable and unquestionable, magnetic and overwhelming experience. Anconú is exploration, contrast and concept.